Stay Healthy Zone is a strategic investment.

Access Stay Healthy Zone to provide a proven approach for developing healthier habits to all employees, unlocking the potential for improved wellbeing across the entire workforce.

One Platform.

An all-in-one platform for mind and body empowers employees with the flexibility to personalize their goals to improve their  health and mental wellbeing, providing a comprehensive solution that caters to individual needs and preferences.

Active & Engaged.

With Stay Healthy Zone's dedicated efforts and influential celebrity ambassadors, you can anticipate exceptional engagement from the moment of enrollment and a continuous commitment to active participation every day.

Experience Stay Healthy Zone’s personalized platform and one-on-one support, addressing a wide range of health challenges.

Stay Healthy Zone's digital approach combines proven behavior change techniques and tools with personalized coaching, fostering the development of healthier habits and behaviors that are sustainable for the long term.

  • Dedicated support team

  • In-depth reporting and analysis

  • Marketing support that delivers

  • Celebrity Ambassadors that increase engagement

Stay Healthy Zone delivers powerful results:

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